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Life as Comedy

April 7, 2016
What’s life without laughter? Listen to this session of Art Chat with Pole Comedian Amy Rosvally. who talks about her work as a clown/comedian using a very unique set of props.[...]

Living Your Art

March 22, 2016
We have the privilege of talking to Matt Rosvally today. Matt is a filmmaker /writer/director living and working in LA. He is the CEO of Sepulture Productions and directs for Hillside House Productions. Matt speaks with us today about his life, work [...]

Both Halves Must Work Together

January 28, 2016
Since research studies from the 1980s, it’s been believed that the left brain controls the more logical, analytical and objective part of you and the right brain controls the more intuitive, thoughtful, subjective and creative part of you.  Th[...]

THE ART OF “MAKING SPACE” guest blogger Daniell Cohen (artist)

November 13, 2015
We often hear people talking about the concept of “making space”-both literally and metaphorically: at yoga classes, business meetings, when you finish a meal or debate the last bite of dessert, when moving to a new apartment, and so on. [...]

When Art is Your Business

September 10, 2015
No matter what your medium is, you need to build a brand and market yourself in order to widen your audience.  You need to define who you are as an artist and be clear about what you want to say.  Ask yourself: Who am I? What do I want to say? Wh[...]

Art IS Communication

August 31, 2015
Art is a form of self expression and also a vehicle for communication.  A performer needs an audience….a writer needs a reader…a painter needs a viewer.  Without someone to receive the message, the communication is incomplete.   I [...]

When Creative Blocks Happen

August 27, 2015
I must be in a specific frame of mind in order to create.  When I’m in that frame of mind, the music comes to me, through me.  The words flow, the movement happens without my even trying.  All of us have experienced “creative blocks[...]

Just Get It Done

July 3, 2015
When you are working on someone else’s project, you are that person’s pawn and voice. You belong to that person.  My philosophy is create your own projects/your own opportunities/ Just Get It Done.  For example: My mother and I wrote po[...]